Juba Dal needs former student leaders to bring back 1 million student leaders


Although 20 months have passed since the tenure passed, the ongoing central committee has failed to provide a full form to the central committee of Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Juba Dal, an important organ of the BNP. Meanwhile, on 21st August, the committee of Dhaka Metropolitan North and South Juba Dal was suddenly announced. After that, the discussion started again with the Juba Dal Central Committee. However, there is a lot of speculation about whether the current committee will be full or a new one will be announced.

Many of the current youth and former student leaders from the center to the grassroots demanded that a new committee should be formed. They said that if there is a new committee, the stagnation of the organization will be cut and the leaders and workers will be strengthened. The important thing is that if there is a full committee, if the current stagnant leadership is prolonged, the organization will not come back to life, so if the current committee is full, the dynamism of the organization will be hampered. Which will have an impact on future party movements.

In this regard, the BNP central committee leader told The Times of Bangladesh, ‘Mr. Tareq Rahman is the organizational guardian of Juba Dal. The decision he makes about the organization is final. If he wants, he can complete the existing committee or form a new one. ‘

The new committee demands a large part of the former student leaders in this regard. They said, ‘Despite playing an important role in the struggle of the past movement, many student leaders dropped out due to age and marriage. Later they did not find a place anywhere. Its number is at least 10 lakhs in the whole country. If this huge number of leaders and activists are not included in any committee or given a chance to do politics, they will be forced to turn away from politics. ‘

The former student leaders, who have been left out due to criteria, think that it would be best for the organization to give a place to a new ex-member in the central committee of the Juba Dal in order to bring this huge number of leaders and activists back to the streets in the future.

In this case, the names of two former leaders of Chhatra Dal Rajib Ahsan and Akramul Hasan are being discussed, according to a reliable source.

Shahidullah Imran, Ferdous Munna, Moniruzzaman Regin, Ishaq Sarkar, Mia Russell and others are also in the discussion for the Super Five in the new committee.


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