PM directs BSL leaders to be cautious about forming new committees ahead of election


Shafiq Ahmed Bhuiyan :

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed to form committees to the expired branches of Chhatra League through a conference before the forthcoming parliamentary elections.
The Prime Minister summoned eight BCL leaders to Ganobhaban before a press conference on Monday on the occasion of her just-concluded visit to New York and attending the 76th session of the UN General Assembly. The press conference started at 4 pm and ended at 6:15 pm. The Prime Minister sat down with the BCL leaders after a short break. She talked to them about various issues till 8 pm.

According to Ganobhaban sources, the Prime Minister allowed the BCL leaders to present their address at the beginning. Chhatra League president Al-Nahian Khan Joy and general secretary Lekhak Bhattacharya spoke about their activities. They have sought for the Prime Minister’s direction on what should be done if the educational institution is opened. They also highlighted non-cooperation and problems from different organs including administration.

At that time, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, let the familiar environment be returned to the educational institutions. However, the normal environment of the students should not be disturbed in the campus. At the same time, care should be taken so that no quarter can use the students for different purposes.

Then Sanjit Chandra Das, president of Dhaka University Chhatra League, spoke about the hall committee. He said, many days have passed but there is no hall Committee in the university. This has caused a kind of frustration among the leaders and workers of Chhatra League.

Then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, look at the situation after opening the university without rushing. Then slowly recover and be prepared to form the committee cautiously.

At this time, Sanjit Chandra Das requested Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina to be a guest at the inauguration of the committee conference. Then the Prime Minister said, you are doing good. I’m too old.

Then Sheikh Hasina mockingly said, “I am likely to be your grandmother’s age.”

The Prime Minister also spoke about the conference of expired branches. She also said that the committee would be formed through a healthy conference ahead of the next elections without rushing the central leaders.

Talking about the age of job seekers on behalf of Chhatra League, Sheikh Hasina said she would talk to PSC to take necessary measures to fill the gap created due to Covid-19.

At this time, the Prime Minister advised the leaders and workers of Chhatra League to pay more attention to their studies besides politics. “Not everyone will be a leader, not even possible,” he said. For this you have to study. There is no alternative to study. Chhatra League leaders and activists should also pay more attention to modern and technology education. ‘

The BSL leaders requested that Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the son of the Prime Minister and his information and communication technology adviser, to be present at any of their extensive events in the future. The Prime Minister tacitly agreed to this, said several leaders present at the meeting.

At the time, the central president of the BCL Al-Nahian Khan Joy, general secretary Lekhak Bhattacharya, Dhaka University president Sanjit Chandra Das, general secretary Saddam Hussein, Dhaka Metropolitan North BCL president. Ibrahim Hossain, General Secretary Saidur Rahman Hridoy, South Chhatra League President Mehedi Hasan and General Secretary Jubayer Ahmed were present.

Asked about the meeting, BCL president Al-Nahyan Khan Joy told, “We are very happy and proud to have the leader after so many days. We always want to work under the guidance of the leader under her direction. The leader praised our work, gave some instructions. We will run the organization according to those instructions. ‘

When contacted, Dhaka Metropolitan South Chhatra League general secretary Jubayer Ahmed told, “We have met the leader after a long time. We feel motherly love in the courtyard of the leader. We have presented our organizational issues to the leader. She has instructed us on various matters. We will carry out the organizational activities in the coming days in the same way. “


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