Propaganda, a Part and Parcel of Politics: Al-Nahean


Shafiq Ahmed Bhuiyan :

The good-natured, smiling and hard-working leader has become popular in all quarters including students and teachers due to his exceptional personality. I am talking about Al-Nahean Khan Joy, the President of the Central Executive Parliament of Bangladesh Chhatra League.

He was the Deputy Legal Secretary and General Secretary of Shaheed Sergeant Zahurul Haque Hall Chhatra League. He also was the law secretary of the central student league later became the senior vice-president.

Shovon-Rabbani was forced to resign on September 14, 2019 before serving their full term on various charges including corruption, extortion and nepotism. After their release, Al Nahean Khan Joy and Lekhak Bhattacharjee became the acting president and general secretary of the organization. After being in charge for three months, Awami League President Sheikh Hasina gave them full responsibility for the 72nd founding anniversary of Chhatra League.

Yaz al-Riyadh, the party’s vice-president, recently made some “explosive” allegations against Al-Nahean Khan, the party’s central committee President. Riyadh made the allegations live on social media, Facebook on Saturday night (January 15).

In this regard, Al Nahyan Khan Joy said, “I was able to start my life through an ideological political platform like Chhatra League due to family tradition.” Hopefully, I will not deviate from this norm till death. However, there must be propaganda in politics. Many people try to stop the movement in various ways for individual interest. Moreover, masked BNP-Jamaat activists also joined in the propaganda. Yet I will say, I swear by my heart! The address of my youth’s love, passion and absolute dependence, the institution of life, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s self-made organization Bangladesh Chhatra League’s involvement in politics to me is only for the love of Bangabandhu and cherish the ideals of immortal Bangabandhu.

Al Nahean Khan Joy said, “We have been given the responsibility in a special situation.” The first challenge after taking charge was to free the organization from controversy. We have taken organizational measures against those who were controversial.

He also said that in order to make the organization dynamic, we have announced 31 organizing district committees including two metropolitans amidst this Corona pandemic situation. I was also against the extremist communal power of Hefazat Leader Mamunul Haque. Nourishing the ideals of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu in my heart and ignoring the fear of death, I stood by the mass people with every leader and activist from the grassroots to the center. Starting from food treatment, the leaders and activists of Chhatra League were also present at the burial of the dead body caused by Covid-19. Central leaders and activists are active in this regard through social media.

It is known that Al Nahean Khan Joy was given clearance from Babuganj Upazila Awami League on the eve of Dhaka University politics. At that time Joy was said to be a child of Awami League family.
A search of Yaz al-Riyadh, revealed that his father took part in election against Awami League. Many leaders and activists are accusing him of using various mechanisms himself in the election.


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